Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Screw Katrina, and the Pres, and the dumbass Governor of Louisiana

I have been glued to the TV and Internet since Katrina hit Florida last week.
Living in Florida I've been through a few hurricanes, last year in particular was scary and terrible, and miserable.
The terror in your heart when you have to evacuate your home, and not know if it will be standing when you return is something that I could not possibly put into words. Coming home to no home is thankfully something I have never experienced.
My heart breaks for all those people in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and of course my fellow Floridians.

Now on to my rant:
1) President Bush the most vacationing president in U.S history, where were you when Katrina struck the gulf states? Where were you the day after Katrina hit? And the day after that?
Tell me why it took the President of the United States of America days before he got off his vacationing ass to survey the damage? Bush was in Florida the day after Charley hit.
What just because your brother is the governor he gets your attention more so than any other state?
Do you have a TV? I'm sure you do, did you see on TV the devastation? Why then did it take so long for Naval ships to leave Norfolk? They should of been deployed directly after Katrina hit.

2) The Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, what in the hell are you doing? Do you even have any idea?
Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans said before Katrina struck that everything that is now happening would happen. You have had days to correct some situations, and all you do is announce a day of prayer, but make no announcement as to when these suffering people will get help. Then you bitch that they are looting? Well what do YOU expect?
People are dying, people are hungry, they have no food, no water, they have no shelter, they have lost friends and family, and every possession, and you meanwhile, have had something to eat and drink, taken a shower, slept in a safe bed.
They are looting because they do not have any answers, when is the help coming, what is going to happen now, where can we get food, water and shelter.
The looting will stop when you Ms. Blanco get off your ass, stop worrying about your cherished Superdome(something you've seemingly mentioned 200 times a day) and help those most effected!
Those most effected are NOT the rich bastards who lost well to do homes on the coast, those most effected are those that have NO MONEY or MEANS!
Your engineering nightmare Ms. Blanco should have been addressed hours after Katrina hit, every single meteorologist I watched before during and directly after Katrina hit said this would happen, as did Mayor Ray Nagin. But you did nothing to prevent it when it could of been prevented.

3) To all those that refused to evacuate:
I totally understand why you'd refuse to evacuate, you don't want to leave the comfort of your own home, you want to keep everything safe.
However when they tell you to leave there is a reason.
Under the worst case scenario everything that might happen when a hurricane hits, those are the reasons officials tell you to get out.
Well now everyone in the world has seen the worst case scenario....

Yet I'm sure there are still some people who are dumb enough to not evacuate next time either.
And yes there will be a next time!

4) How do we pay for all this distruction?
The same way we pay for any other natural disaster, no holds barred, and do what you got to do!
Allow every single resource at the disposal of FEMA, state and local officials, and most off all get our military in there ASAP. Not just the Coast Guard, or the National Guard either, we need the big boys!!!

5) The media: Ok it is time to do some actual reporting! We do not want to see the same damn people everyday talking about the 60 year old home Daddy built. Once was enough! We do not want to see the same people walking through the water everytime we turn on the TV. We don't want to hear Ms. Blanco talk any more( well at least I don't) so you can go ahead and ban her from news conferences if you want. We don't want to hear any of you reporters who make more than $60, 000 a year try and sympathize with those poverty stricken victims. Your fake caring is transparent to the world. And we don't want to hear any reporter bitch about looting and what should be done to the looters, easy to bitch when you have a nice little reporters desk in your news room to sit behind.

To those reporters who have done an amazing job getting the story of Katrina out there, thank you! There are not too many of you but there are some who were heartfelt and wonderfully human. Anderson Cooper gets kudos.

If our government cannot provide for us in a natural disaster like they do for other countries then what the hell do we have a government for?

To all those that have lost a loved one, or those of you that don't know the where abouts of a loved one:
I pray for your peace of mind either way.
I am so sorry for your loss, and I wish you all the best.
Take what you can from this terrible disaster, and learn from it.


Blogger The Desert Rat said...

I'll tell you why Bush was in Florida and not Louisiana...Because the Republicans don't have to worry about winning Louisiana in 2008, they have it in the bag, but Florida is a swing state, so it's more important to Bush and the rest of the right-wing lunatics in this country.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Yup yup yup, your exactly right... of course the fact that Gin Blossom Jeb is his brother and governor has something to do with it too.

11:40 AM  

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